Camlock Fittings Types

camlock fittings types

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Camlock fittings—also called cam and groove couplings—are sturdy connectors used to join hoses or pipes. These couplings are distinguished by their ease of use. Unlike many high-performance couplings, camlock fittings install rapidly with no tools required. This advantage arises from their unique design, which aligns external locking arms with an internal gasket for quick and intuitive sealing.

Camlock fittings are one of LOVELOCK’s specialties as an industry-leading manufacturer of valves, couplings, fittings, and PVC hoses. We offer all common styles of cam and groove couplings at competitive prices. These premium components provide years of reliable performance, even in the most demanding environments.

What Are Camlock Fittings?
Camlock fittings are used to couple two hoses or pipes. They are designed for maximum ease of use, requiring no tools for installation or removal while still providing a strong and lasting seal. As a result, they have begun to displace traditional connectors, which require more time and labor-intensive installation.

Camlock Fittings Types
Type A
Type B
Type C
Type D
Type E
Type F
Type DC
Type DP


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